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Developed Technology for Cable Industry


Mikronmakina Electrostatic Powder Machines CO. in Istanbul, sells "Mikronix" electrostatic powder coating machines and plants to the worldwide cable, rubber and plastic industry.

Mikronix uses a developed powder coating technology. By developing new techniques in the field of electrostatic and filter systems we succeeded in simplifying the machine, reducing the consumption considerably, reducing the costs, but maintaining the well known powdering quality.




Powder coating is by far the youngest of the surface finishing techniques in common use today. It was first used in Australia about 1967.

Powder coating is the technique of applying talc powder to cables. In powder coating, the powdered talc applies by electrostatic technique. With this technique talc powder electrostatically charged and sprayed onto the cable.

The powder is applied with an electrostatic spray gun to cable that is at earth (or ground) potential.

Because the powder particles are electrostatically charged, the powder wraps around to the back of the part as it passes by towards the air offtake system. By collecting the powder, which passes by the job, and filtering it, the efficiency of the process can be increased to 95% material usage.


Our machines are the product of experience. They are the first development stage in automatic powder application of cables, wires, hoses, profiles and bands.

Specially designed, our machines have two special filters  (250 mm&550 mm amino enzyme teflone) for powders like talc, lacpowder, granite and most of the powders.

In our machines, the powder application is used by a specialy ionised inject, therefore they can use fast speed with the extrusion speed by first or emergancy powder guns 100 kv. Due to the electrostatic charging the powder is distributed homogenly that must coat the cables, profiles or others by high DC voltage with the powder.

The antistatic hole is designed to be atomizer when the powder goes out of the mouth of the gun.


Powder gun: Because of its special design it won't stop the powders  cleaning, morover the second air in the guns can be controlled from control panel.

Dusting chamber for rubber hoses and profiles: instead of the powder guns the machine will be equipped with 1 to 2 powder nozzles, which is adjustable depending on the requirement.

Control panel: Each powder gun is adjusted separately from 0-100 kv. manometers and adjusts the powder quantity, powder speed and fluiding in the powder hopper.



1) Our machine of cable centre heigth is min 980 mm max 1100 mm, it can be elevated using the wheels.
2) The machine has 4 wheels (2 front -2 back) and heigth adjustable feet.
3) Capacity of resorvoir is about 20 litres.
4) There is no extra unit. Extra resorvoir  can be given  depends on desire.
5) There are 2 amino enzym teflone filtres (250 mm *550 mm). Total filtre area is about 5 m2. Filters are cleaned every 15 seconds by way of opposite air pressure.
6) Standart air pressure must be between 6-8 bar. No need to extra comprasor. Total air consume is 160 l/min
7) Machine has water and oil holder (900 mm heigth-76 mm diameter). It isn't air cooler.
8) Machine has a remote control unit (remote control system is standart for machines) but it can be commaned either by remonte control or manually too.
9) Resorvoir has a powder warning sensor, it shows the level of powder. If the amount of powder decreane to minimum it warns.
10) Machine has security system for any malfuction but warranty for powder should be given by powder saler.
11) If the powder contains solvent, a fire could occur, otherwise there is no possibitty of fire in any othercase.
12) All materials about machine such as electrical chants, thechlists, running methods, and malfuctions are given to customers. Every machine is assembled in the place where the customer wants.
13) There is no powder escape unless there is high wind or high turbilance.
14) Machine Works 24 hour without stop, according  for machine manual.(CLEAN POWDER ,NO OIL,NO HUMAIDITY). But extraparts (teflone,resistance,fuse etc.) are given for wear away during 3 mounths.
  • Diameter range max 110 mm , electrostatic
  • Max 100 kv per gun, 2 powder guns,
  • 2  powder noozles,
  • 6-8  compressed air,
  • Hopper bar 20 lt,
  • Electric connection 0. 75 kw.
  • Dimensions -depth 650 mm ,width 700mm,height 1830 mm,weight 210 kg
  • All of electric products (Buttons,switchs,contactors,)are from Möller (Made in Germany) or Siemens
  • Cables are from Hes cable,Nexans cable or Pamukkale cable
  • Holes of Flexy head  are standard 95 mm
  • Pnomatics are from Italy (regulators = Bonosi )
  • Fan is from Üret  Turkei 0.35 kw


Height: 1830 mm
Depth: 650 mm
Width:700 mm
Antistatic hole: 650 mm
Static Voltage: 100 kv (2 guns are standard)
Filter : 2 amino enzym teflone 250*550 mm
Fan: 2500 m3
Energy : 380 Volt 
Weight : 210 kg ± 10
Air expenses : about 160 lt/min
Energy expenses : about 500 watt/h

Electrostatic Powder Coating for cable cablesElectrostatic Powder Coating for cable cablesElectrostatic Powder Coating for cable cablesElectrostatic Powder Coating for cable cables
Electrostatic Powder Coating for cable cablesElectrostatic Powder Coating for cable cables
Electrostatic Powder Coating for cable cablesElectrostatic Powder Coating for cable cablesElectrostatic Powder Coating for cable cablesElectrostatic Powder Coating for cable cables
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Powder Coating Machine
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Electrostatic Powder Coating Machine
Electrostatic Powder Coating for Cable Industry